Intro Lyrics – Lil Jairmy

Intro Lyrics

I just been lettin’ the money pile up
Bring a whole lot of this shit
Let’s go
Probably too much of this (Sinnin’)
But I can’t get enough of this shit (LegendaryDidIt)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I’m talkin’ everything brand new, you know
Uh, new whips, new clips
Whole lotta chips, you know what’s goin’ on, nigga
Gas way, prime in the ashtray
Gas God, yeah, uh

Glock on top, I’m subtractin’ the ceiling
Drac’ drop, in the trap, made a killing
Got killers and dealers, they packed in the building
Wherever I go, man, that strap comin’ with me
Smash off in that ‘Cat like a villain
We be robbin’ niggas, we ain’t handle no stealin’
Gеt the fuck out the trap, you just chillin’
Grind hard evеry day, rack for rack to a million
Uh, bet they ain’t expect to see me
Blowin’ gas, goin’ fast in that Lamborghini (Skrrt)
I got these bitches mad ’cause they never seen me
And one them bitches with me, got ’em eatin’ semen
I don’t ever stop grindin’, I keep ’em schemin’
I might get the Redeye and make it a Demon
Eyes red already, I’m steady leanin’
Niggas scream, “Trap or die,” they don’t know the meaning
Uh, niggas that’s scared to work
When I jumped off that porch, I was headfirst
‘Member Ryan hit me with some bad work
They had stunted back then, they didn’t know my worth
I post up with that coke and I go berserk
I’m not scared of no nigga on planet Earth
Every lick that I hit, had to plan it first
Since a jit, I put racks in my granny purse, on God
You can try to run from this chopper when it get to poppin’
At your pussy ass, but it’s gon’ be hard
Had these hoes y’all niggas be fuckin’
Now they touchin’ my dick, won’t even get hard
Lot of niggas claimin’ this shit, but they fakin’ this shit
Baby girl, I’m the real Gas God
Sold the most ‘bows and I fucked the most hoes
And I bought the most clothes and I bought the most cars
Every time a nigga had spoke on my name, that’s on gang
I rolled up on him just like cigar
They gon’ think that I live on the range
Nigga play, get to shootin’ this bitch like I’m Steven Seagal
Niggas wanted me to fall off way back in the day
They ain’t expect for to see me this far
She treat me like sushi, she eatin’ me raw
You can keep your lil’ coochie, just give me your jaw
I just got another load, streets callin’ my phone
Got a fifty piece gone ‘fore I made this song
I’ma get in all black ‘fore I make a diss song
Got an automatic chip on the back of my chrome
I walk through the door rockin’ Chrome Hearts
You gon’ die if you play, make your own choice
Plug had gave me them ‘bows, I stopped answerin’ the phone
I ran off when he send me the invoice

Album – Gas God (July 2021)
Song Released – July 2, 2021

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