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Intro Lyrics

(all samples)woman:”so what do you think doctor? was i writhing? i didn’t mean to.”
doctor:”scientific detachment. ha! proffesional ethics. i’m not just a docotor, i’m a man.
i have decided, i have needs.”
w:”i know you have needs, and i know you have desires”
d:”it gets bigger and bigger inside of me, until i feel like it explodes and i’ve spit myself all over the wall”
w:”i think i have a way to cure you.
i mean i like it when you get bigger, i just don’t want you to explode all over the wall.
doctor, you just lie down. its time you let me take care of you.”
d:”i think you’re the medicine that i need”w:”i wish i had a doctor like you, so gentle. oh you like that?”
m:”oh yes”
w:”fuck my pussy, doctor.”

album:dr. octagonecologyst
artist:dr. octagon

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