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If God Lyrics

maybe i could climb the highest mountain
maybe i could ride the wildest sea
funny how you wonder if you were just a different person
there’s so much more that you think you can be
maybe i’d be justice maybe i’d be peace
brimming with confidence in my abilities
or a new creation in the same old space
a new religion behind the old faceif god was my best friend
could i be what i dream thenif i could just wear his designer clothes
i could be somebody just who you never know
and it wouldnt’t be the clothes on my back
that makes people think there’s nothin i lackif god was my best friend
could i be what i dream theni think i go way too far
when i say that i think
i know who you are
but if i really knew
i wouldn’t be the same person to you
here i go again
can i make a friend
i think i already have
but the fact is
everything i dream
is in the thing i lack

lyrics:if god
album:fearless courage
artist:roma waterman

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