September 27, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Ice City Boys] Plugged in Freestyle Lyrics – Ice City Boys

[Intro: Q2T]
City boys in the building
Plugged in with Fumez right now
Straight off the plane you know we’re working
Voice is a bit fucked but yeah, we’re here

[Verse 1: Q2T]
Bando boy I don’t do no D’s but I still might click this wap trap
Do it with pats and flats [?] I can’t lack
Do it still scrapin’ up bowls and doing up road
Buying up poles everyone tellin’ me that I might blow
I’m flying them O’s
I got a bird, buy it in bulk
Running it up and I’m doing the most
K still flying them hoe
I only see bro when he’s coming to a show
Or I’m in O with a pack of both
And them man talk ’bout drills
They ain’t on smoke
They ain’t on smoke

[Verse 2: Chappo]
Man just hit up bro-bro’s phone
Didn’t stay for five figures easy
Please believe me thеm man slack in the trap that’s neeky
See a tidal wave get whippеd in a pyrex bowl, that’s yola sailing
Drip Drip when I sprinkle it from the tap man flake it
More time I get trap complacement
Cah I have to bruck down a brick ‘pon pavement
One time took a trip to the six with six in the clip for the boy that beef me
Bro too tap one, hung out the ride so I swished that easy
European plug try talk ’bout drought man’s connected like BT

[Verse 3: Q2T]
Look, I ain’t throwing no dueces so tell me who you’re fightin’ for
One phone call I can have four attack members pop slidin’ doors
It coulda been bandz or Sav, Or it’s stars and bully
I’m in killy latex and my hoody
I fling it in S swervin’ A boogie
Look churches don’t do talkin’ if I see a opp I ain’t saying wagwarn
[?] on chattins go tell the net how you got this arm
You must be silly like it weren’t me
Why you text South Killy
If I step in the dance with CSB t’ugs
We ain’t doing no jiggy

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[Verse 4: Chappo]
CSB take caution we ain’t gotta give out no final warning
We got waps, big portion
If bro shoot, then gang scoring
Late night draws or early morning
Might get round in a bruck down vectra last time we done it in a astra
Run a man tryna see who’s faster, trip up man slaughter
Could of been the 9 for the dots if SK brought the spin 6 for the karma
None of them opps don’t want no drama
The nine try draw and got kara
Crash corn they don’t come outside
Nine boys get pressured like water
Ching or trim like your local barber

[Verse 5: Q2T]
I don’t wanna mention SK
Cah them little boys round there look tired
They don’t shoot like Pressplay
I think them yg’s need to get fired
Come to my block it’s frying
Corn still flying birds still flying
Like cause we’re trying the opps still dying
Tell me I’m lying
Don’t trip when it pops
Kai’s in the pot love whipping a lot
Care plus I’m sippin’ a lot
Got [?] in my rizz I’m tripping a lot
You must think that I’m taking the pot
Nah I mean taking the piss
And you know if we get that drop
Boom CSB taking the bricks

[Verse 6: Chappo]
I don’t really G-check age
More time if I sense that you’ve been involved
Imma do that out full rage, brave
Smack that yute behave
We got all type of tings
Got a PR, a dot-dots and twins
Got a nine and a baby in
Got rounds and rounds for the skorpion
Bro-bro let that ring no ping
More time the paigons ain’t fly
Cah the modern warfare on their block is a hazard
Mind you’ll get yourself splattered
Daggered, like a girl up in the dance man hammered
I put the bruck back inside the rucksack
Cah you know it love beat like a badders

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Fumez the Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – Chappo (ICB) & Q2T
Produced by Culture (Producer)