I want to see the World Lyrics – Hobo Johnson

[Verse 1]
I want to see the world
Especially France
I want to see them Frenchies sing and dance
They got rhythms unlike any other culture
And fuck, boy, I really like their sodas
I wanna see Japan
To try all their dishes
‘Cause I love eating fishes
I’ve been to Germany
But I ate Indian food
I should have had a sausage or two

I want to see the world, the world
In all of its glory
The museums, the mountains, the people, the towns
I wanna hear every story

[Verse 2]
I want to go to Normandy
To respect the troops
They died for me and you
I want to go to Belgium
That’s where the Allies fought the Axis
And wonder how that happened
I’m off to Manhattan
I want to go to Ground Zero
And salute the fallen heroes
I want to go to Memphis
That’s where MLK got killed
It doesn’t make sense to me still

But I want to see the world, the world
But I want the whole story
And if it makes me cringe, and gasp, and gag
Then I guess that that’s good for me

[Verse 3]
I want to go to Samoa
And ask them for real
Do you want us occupying you still?
I want to go to Honduras
Because it just isn’t right
We meddled in their elections several different times
Guatemala to say, “Sorry for the harm
I’m sorry we exploited your farms”
I’d like to see Africa
An unbelievable theft
Occurred and we should never forget

Oh, you want to see the world? The world?
But it is fucking awful
And if you stare too hard
Then you just might find the bottom of a bottle

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[Verse 4]
I want to see Auschwitz
To try and comprehend how God let that happen to them
I want to see Rwanda
To pay my respects to the million people forced to death
I’m off to Vietnam to see all the harm that we caused
To try and make sense of myself involved
To Cuba, to end the blockade
Fucking human lives are at stake

I wanna see the world, the world
Before I die
Before my heart stops beating
Or I rip out my eyes
I want to see the world, the world
Or maybe I don’t
Maybe I’m extremely ignorant
And maybe I just won’t

Album – The Revenge of Hobo Johnson (June 2021)
Produced by Hobo Johnson
Written By Hobo Johnson