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I Need A Love Song by The Day We Caught The Train B-side Lyrics by Unknown Songs Lyrics Lyrics English Song Lyrics Songs

I Need A Love Song

i’m gonna take a walk by the lemonade lake
let my feet get wet and the grass in my face
rolling up in the summertime setting ablaze
throwing stones and laughing on the way home
lah, lah, lah, lah…i’m on a night-time hunting on the horn of a car (??)
but the brakes seem ??? on a winter song
scattered back, slip around and i’m mouthing a glass
harbour lights remind you of another songi never knew my daytime slipping away
too many seeds to sow and i can’t look at my face
i need a sound to make me jump around on my toes
i need a song, i need a love songlah, lah, lah, lah…

lyrics:i need a love song – the day we caught the train b-side
artist:ocean colour scene

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