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I Need A Girl, In My Life Lyrics

a song by rory chambers
song title (i need a girl, in my life)bridge
oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, i need you girl
t-wizzy, yo this is crazy damnso lonely
girl i need you by my side, i don’t wanna see you cry,
i wanna know if you down to ride, that’s what she told me, hold me
without a girl in my life, it’s making me go crazy
cause i need you babychorusgirl i need you in my life
i need someone to hold me
baby that’s you told me
i need a girl in my life
(i love you) x21
when times get hard, girl don’t leave me, i want you next to me girl stay with me
lay with me, i don’t wanna let you go, girl i want you forever more
girl i need you so, pray with me, ride with me, don’t go, no, no, no, no…chorus
girl i want you next to me that’s you meant to be, you and i were meant to be for eternity
baby girl you are so close to me, no one can ever take your place,
when i wake up in the morning and i see your smiling face
i know there is a better day, girl why don’t you staychorus
girl you are too much to lose
baby girl you got me so confused
girl i don’t know what i would do
without you in my life
baby that’s why i need you (girl)repeat chorus till fadewritten and arranged by rory chambers

lyrics:i need a girl,in my life

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