Homebound Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt

Homebound Lyrics

Hard times when I needed touch
Need a crutch, need a hug, harsh lines on the easel, blood
Even keeled, but with death, the infrequent brush test me
Don’t speak em’ up, speakers hum
Free the thugs, we don’ weeped enough
Recently released a steam, when I pieced him up
Mischievous as my uncle, mischievous as Juanita was
Peace to Juanita son for checking in
Must have felt the deviance I’m delving in, I’m demon’d up
Forehead creases, dimpled cheeks betray the feeling
Play the shield til’ I play the villain
In the field, the killing joke whispering in a ear
Sentimental, a voice quivering with despair
Up there where the air thinner
The mountaineer keep a sharper pair of shears with him
Clip a clear path to the endless
Stack up meal ticket, hands sticky
The tar shiny black, time – you can’t buy it back
Please don’t throw me to the briar-patch, got his ass!

I’m back home and I gotta laugh
I’m back home and I gotta laugh
The siren song got me out a jam
And in a, and in a flash, climbing in a bath, damn

Album – Sick! (Expt 2022)
Song Released – November 10, 2019

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