He Got Up And Go Lyrics – Alicia Keys

He Got Up And Go Lyrics

He Got up and Go:

It was six A. M.
The clock was ringing
To let me no
That Toley was leaving

And I don’ t think I’m gunna make it
Because Kayla wants to beat me
And I’m scared from head to toe
Because he got up and go

He won’ t be there to save me
Cuz I didn’ t give him a second chance
He goes out with an eight grader
And he will go with her to the dance

I am just a punk rocker
He was skater punk to me
But now those nicknames are gone
Cuz I am just so slutty


Got up and go
Got up and go
Got up and go

He no longer loves me
Like I do to him
Before he asked Renee out
We thought he liked Kim

He told me I looked like a rat
Because Kayla wants to hit me with a bat
He doesn’ t want me back my neighbor is a hoe
And than he got up and go


By – Alicia Keys

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