September 17, 2021


‘Frostpunk’ gets 60% price drop as 11-bit studios unveil final DLC

'Frostpunk' gets a 60% price drop as 11 bit studios unveils final DLC

11-bit studios have released a trailer for Frostpunk: On The Edge, the final chapter of the popular 2018 title. The world of strategy games has made noise again. After the long-awaited Android port version of Civilization 6, we’re seeing another popular title making its rounds again.

If you like post-apocalyptic survival games, then you should choose Frostpunk. Expect the creators of This War of Mine to turn this game into an emotional roller coaster ride. With the release of the definitive DLC for the Season Pass, you can get this game on Steam through August 27 for just AU $ 17.18, 60% off.

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