Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Invasion Is Live

In FortniteChapter 2 Season 7 the Battle Stars are brought back which can be used to purchase Battle Pass prizes.
FortniteChapter 2 Season 7 is called Invasion and it introduces a mysterious alien army led by Doctor Sloan. It brings new items, characters, updated battle passes and more. Season 7 adds UFOs, many new weapons, upgradeable guns, and a new costume that players can customize. Superman will be part of Season 7, and the characters will be unlocked later in the season. Fortnite has been developed by Epic Games and includes a free Battle Royale mode that is quite popular.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 brings a sci-fi alien theme to the attack game. There is an alien army called the Legendary Order (IO) led by Doctor Sloan and the UFO that can be hijacked across the map. UFOs allow players to pick things up in the atmosphere and, if caught, can take them to random places on the map. The new season brings new weapons such as rail guns, flexible pulse rifles, camera ray guns, reconnaissance scanners and more. UFOs also use nuts and bolts to modify some weapons.

Fortnite brings a costume called Battle Pass Camera for Season 7 which is customizable and will only be rewarded once the Battle Pass is purchased. Five more Battle Stars to be used to level up with new Battle Pass Awards and claim for the prize. As the new season progresses, Superman, Rick and Morty from Rick, Virtual Effect Guggimon and more can also be unlocked. Even without purchasing a Battle Pass, players will be able to collect free pass prizes using Battle Stars that they only get by playing the game.

Fortnite Creative has also been updated to v17.00 and brings a new Hub Island template, new HUD controller device and more. Glass prefabs and galleries have also been added to Fortnite Creative. The update also brings gameplay improvements, visual updates, and island and UI fixes.