Focus Lyrics – BONES

[Verse 1]
Fifty-fifty, indifferent, can’t make my mind up
I look at us, now I’m thinkin’ how we goin’ wind up?
Thinking shit would be easy, is it not that?
Bet your life would be better if I just fall back
And you’re floatin’ down the riverbed
You can do better, I know
I promise you will find a way
But it’ll have to be without me now
Run up on me, yeah, I keep that forty
Try to fuck around, get laid down slowly, now
There’s no way ’round it
Your body, they never found it
As I clutch the blunt
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, yeah
I know they don’t get it
Told the reaper I’ma be there in a minute

[Verse 2]
Two-twеlve, bangin’
Desert еagle singin’
Dead man lifestyle, might not make it, yeah
Two-twelve, bangin’
Desert eagle singin’
Dead man lifestyle, might not make it, yeah
’94 baby, I be goin’ crazy
People act shady, lately I’ve been changin’
Lately I’ve been changin’
’94 baby, I be goin’ crazy

[Verse 3]
Ayy, forty-eight, forty-eight, wind up my first forty-eight
Try to fuck me over, you gon’ feel the pain
You gon’ feel the pain
You gon’ feel the, you gon’ feel the pain
Back to the past, flash back to me
Baby, don’t you ever feel bad for me
‘Cause I’m alright
Yeah, I’m alright
Ayy, ayy, hoppin’ off the plane, new zip code everyday
I could feel the pain, I could feel the shit in every way
I just wanna find my way alone
Lights out, had the vertigo
Jumpin’ out the rain, blade swingin’, any day
Okay, you don’t like it, I don’t fuck with you anyways

Album – InLovingMemory (June 2021)
Produced by ​ka-meal, SecretiveSuicide

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