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First Things First Lyrics

First Things First

First things first, these haters gone hate, these hoes gone lurk
Louie V shirt, same color dirt, when u gone learn bitch this my turf
Uh this my year hoe Im fa sure, ima shoot my shot like Stephan Curr
All this fur and Ice I feel like burr, Just take a look at my attire (Ooh Ooh)
Baby on the top can it get any higher, ten Gucci signs baby it don’t get no flyer
Got a crib out in Cali like a forty niner…
Im jus tryna get rich, I don’t wanna die young (die young)
Bad girls we jus wanna have fun (have fun)
Jet skis on a private island (island)
Im the truth lil bitch number one (Ooh Ooh)
These haters can’t see me, I make it look easy bitch u ain’t a factor..
Look at my neck, look at my wrist, mmmmmmmm, mmmmm
Rolex froze like a slushee, one of u bitter hoes better not touch me
All these old ass rappers tryna fuck me, wire me an M and u might get lucky
They done let me in the game now its bout to get ugly (mmm)
Came from the bottom had nothin..
Came off the porch, runnin (yeah)
Got this bitch jumpin, princess stuntin
Now we get all the money..
Always had big dreams, boys couldn’t tell me nothin
Its my life I can’t let niggas run it..
Ima spend on my team gettin straight to the money

Hook (2x)
This my year.. big dreams (uh).. championship rings for the teams
Whole buncha money on me, yeah, Whole buncha money machines
Please don’t make no scene (mmm)… Gimme my throne my seat (mmm)..
Stand 10 toes on my feet (mmm).. I don’t get tired NO SLEEP

Album – The Real Lyric Michell / Vol.1 (August 2021)
Song Released May 28, 2020

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