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Elderberry Wine Lyrics

music by elton john
lyrics by bernie taupin
available on the album don’t shoot me i’m only the piano playerthere’s a fly in the window
a dog in the yard
and a year since i saw you
there’s a trunk in the corner
i keep all my letters
my bills and demands i keep toowell i can’t help thinking
about the times
you were a wife of mine
you aimed to please me
cooked black-eyed peas-me
made elderberry winedrunk all the time
feeling fine on elderberry wine
those were the days
we’d lay in the haze
forget depressive times
how can i ever get it together
without a wife in line
to pick the crop and get me hot
on elderberry wineround a tree in the summer
a fire in the fall
flat out when they couldn’t stand
the bottle went round
like a woman down south
passed on from hand to hand

lyrics:elderberry wine
album:your songs
artist:elton john

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