Daddy’s Little Girl – Molly Brazy Lyrics

Daddy’s little girl all grown now
I’m on my own now, all that nice shit gone now
Still on my princess shit, princess cut like I’m Cinderella
Got my groove back like Stella, play me, you could never
I be with the wolves, lions, tigers and bears
See skeletons everywhere, you would probably be scared
I’m comfy, let’s get to this money, we on the clock
Playtime over, precision in every shot
Where I’m standin’, I’ma need a parachute if I jump
Watch your feet, I can’t let these red bottoms get pumped
Phone ringin’ off the hook, people askin’ for favors
Now they mad, it’s bad enough I’m gettin’ mugged by the neighbors
When I was down, who gave me a hand? I ain’t see no hands
Fake bitches wanna be besties, I don’t need no friends
I’m good, save me the voice and the trouble
Money make me cum, that pussy moist when I hustle
Independent ’cause these niggas pay more rolls than a Zelle
Take it back, ’cause I know that ain’t your Rollie, Izelle
That’s Coney money, Izelle, I ain’t impressed, I’m disgusted
My time on a budget, I can’t spend that shit on dusties
Bum, hoes actin’ like they know Kamaiyah
Fuck the threats, they gon’ really have to show Kamaiyah
I ain’t never been the one goin’ back and forth
I like war, kickin’ doors, plus my temper too short
No remorse, that’s a side that you don’t wanna see
My bad side, that’s a place that you don’t wanna be
All they wanna do is tweet, they don’t never wanna meet
‘Cause this Draco a buffet, all you can eat
Tattoos on my body represent the life that I live
Been crossed by many, but they gon’ have to pay for what they did
I hate to see these kids runnin’ ’round like they tough
When I knew they would’ve crumbled if they grew up in the Skudd
My life ain’t picture perfect, Rock sittin’ in states
Fifteen minute calls, but it’s a smile on my face
Tears when they in, but I still keep my faith
Yeah, he striked out but look who stepped up to the plate
Dodgin’ raindrops, switchin’ lanes in that Trackhawk
Play with sticks? Hell yeah, play with y’all? Hell nah
Croc skin Birkin ’cause today I’m feelin’ swampy
Tryna run these bills up and I ain’t talkin’ Chauncey
Balenciaga Mondays, YSL Thursdays
Caked up, no birthday, pretty on my worst day
Ballin’, no First Take, run through it the first take
Now they say I’m mad but I wasn’t playin’ in the first place
Daddy’s little girl all grown now
I’m on my own now, they on my phone now
Askin’ for this, beggin’ for that
Tell ’em I ain’t got it, now they wanna get mad
But I’m so over it, swear I’m so over it
I’m so over it, swear I’m so over it, I’m so over it

Writer – Molly Brazy
Album – Pink Molly
Produced by FortWoe
Release – March 2021

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