Clouds – DJ Daddykat & Wiz Khalifa Lyrics

Smokin’ on gas got me too high, ayy
Sittin’ in the trap had to check the door, heard two knocks
Used to have stones in my tube socks
Have to serve a junkie, only had enough for two rocks
Now I hit the studio, record, and watch the Boondocks
Tryna bring a group of hoes, told her bring two knots
Diamonds on “damn,” watch the shit the duwap
Feelin’ so icey but my name not Guwap
Feelin’ so icey, young nigga just made a big bag in
Tell the truth, nigga, whole verse be talent
Tell the truth, right now, I’m a cold with a cannon
On the West Coast, big blood, no Mac 10
All we do is shit, off of average
Damn daddy ballin’ like he playin’ for the Mavericks
Deal a lotta cash on the Dior fabrics
Tryna break a trapment, cost me, lost Aladdin
I know I be braggin’, ayy, ooh
You would too, nigga, I ain’t have shit
Came from sharin’ bunch of shoes
I can you a bunch of stories, that’s the one thing with you
Had to do a lot of shit, you was scared to even do, ayy
It’s all will, got the coupe
Got a bad lil’ bih, blow a nigga like a flute, ayy
I’m a dog no “woof,” ayy

Writer – Wiz Khalifa
Artists – Wiz Khalifa & DJ Daddykat
Release – January 2021

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