September 24, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Cillian] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – Cillian

Plugged In Freestyle
Shout out Fumez, shout out Pressplay
Free the guys man
Fuck the jakes

[Verse 1]
Wear Canada Goose but you don’t get bankrolls
And when **** got bored
He lost his shoe, he lost his rambo
And if man hear this fizz
And then this pop, there ain’t no Tango
Put four main opps in rizz
I beg man stop, I am Diablo
Saw dem yutes hop that fence
Saw ****, I missed his afro
Pulled up next door to the C
We saw ****, we took his trap phone
Them man aim at knees
If that was me, I’m drenching backbones
On the ride see CID
I’m praying we can make it back home
How the fuck could anyone ever try rate them?
Most opps that talk on net
Already been cheffed, dun know they’re wastemen
Young G’s can still hold corn
Or get crashed on, end up like ****
When Pitch done ran him over
Bet he thought that he met Satan
Some opp boys pray to Allah
But still feel calm to work with bacon
When us man caught ****
He said “No please, I ain’t a pagan”
Make opp boys drop on knees
They scream and plead, but we still shave them
When we saw him in the East
Said, “Call the police” while he was on pavement
Man swung my bat but I saw it missed him
Man drench Muslims and Christians
Big rambo or a fuck off kitchen
Slide round, 3-0, or vision
If we’re on ‘ped then dots get risen
Should’ve seen that smile on my face
When who killed Dots got got in prison
Look, J-Man got bagged on a ride
They know he’s gang, they know he’s violent
Lil ***** saw Fatz and ran
Into his block, we know he’s frightened
Rambo next to my waist
It won’t fall down, my strings are tightened
Swear ***** was so damn fat
When he got cheffed, they made him widen
That chain looks more than fake
It might just break, they ain’t real diamonds
Six feet under dirt
He’s buried in Turkey like one migrant
When us man go on a ride
See no one in sight, their ends are silent
Double barrel with nice alignment
Aim and make man burst like hydrant

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[Verse 2]
There’s bare new opps, I hope that I see them
We attack but they only defend
We crash parties, turn up at events
Fuck your friend, the ground is where he went
Two opp blocks is where the whole team go
Left their whip, it had to get repo’d
Three man up attacking like Migos
Grab this wap, back it then reload
Slide in Bape, won’t hide my face
Still drench him on main road
I’ll shave his skin, put blades in him
And even shave his canerows
His head got trampled, left him mangled
Made man look like Play-Doh
When we pull up, they turn to dust
I wonder how far they go?
Ain’t no limit to opp block visits
Load that ting and then man drill it
If we see them, the whip man spin it
Wave this wand but this ain’t Quidditch
Them man fake, they always mimic
Only truth up in my lyrics
Slide on ‘peds or Honda Civics
They were opps, but they got finished
Slide round there, I bet they die
Two man up, with rambo knives
We don’t joke, we’re taking lives
Bet this poke can make you cry
We pull up, the pagans dash
Only run if bacon flash
Gang saw their whip and made them crash
Brand new wap, I paid in cash

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Produced by X10