September 27, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[CGM] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – CGM

[Intro: Rack5]
Free JSav
(Free the CGMs, free the guys)
Fumez the Engineer
Plugged In, CGM
You know the ting
Blue, blue, wooh
Grr, bow
Come on, fuck the opps
Every opp, you get me
Come on, bow, bow

[Verse 1: Rack5]
Redskin bitch driving the boat
It’s a house party and I brought my blicky
Amount of yutes I bored with flickys
Dip at your drip, now it’ll drip, we’re drippy
I just wet my blade in GB
Now the whole ends on Section 60
Tables turned when he jumped out
So they jump back in real quickly
No, I don’t like to rest
I like to step, I like to press
And I know what they said on the nеt
But who’s really riding next?
I got clout on my name in West
If it’s war with us, man aim and press
What’s the latest then?
Two man just got blazed again

[Verse 2: Splasha]
Don’t take no check, don’t ask no questions
Been bad from young
I’m the reason the ends got different sections
Load that, rev that engine
Hold on, who’s that? Spin it, check him
If he runs then he knows that it’s us
We ain’t even gotta ask no questions
Ammonia whips no stretching
Cats texting, telling me it’s the best ting
If you saw how bro-bro cheffed him
Wet his head, would’ve thought that he blessed him
[?]’s ting was a next ting
Made my man bleed by the [?]’s entrance
When I caught [?] he was trembling
Still cheffed him by the [SJ] exit

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[Verse 3: MSkum]
Golborne baby, pblock vet
But Harrow Road’s where shh got cheffed
I don’t wanna hear no talk ’bout Vest
Cah the opps went jail for their friend’s near death
Stressed, I laughed when [?] got spread
All he probably saw was swinging dreads
Remember that day when we jump out gang
Try window ching and the opp play dead
Head, shoulders, back and chest
More than 20 when Dreadz got cheffed
It was mad how bro done my man
Splashed up plenty, we terrorise West
And let me not talk how they all done legs
All from me, from doing up chef
I hopped in the ride for my Kilburn tugs
When I hopped back out, swear shh got kweffed

[Verse 4: TY]
Tell them boy there, “Don’t step inbounds”
See me a opp, more time I can’t help it
Jump out bait, tryna chef that down
Dig, twist, swing that ’round
Had man’s family stressing out
I was baking at home in my dressing gown
Get an intent if he sits on the fence
But me, I think it’s best if it gets pronounced
Shit got real, couldn’t pattern a dinger
Took my lidge whip tryna turn man pack
Shit went wrong and I saw blue flash
Now I’m sitting in my cell in my doo-doo platts
Quick mugshot, then I smile for the cam
That weren’t part of the plan
Getting prints on my hand
Now that shit locked in the database
Then I beat that case, took the trial like a man

[Verse 5: Rack5]
When we used to glide in cabs, I was left back
Jump out the ride, get that then wet that
Put a firm one in his head back
Don’t step back, stay there, man let that
Bang, I can put trust in certain man
If I get rubbed I know it don’t bang
But the other side wan’ link up to bang, no homo
Get it, but that’s still homo settings
I can ride alone with this wesson
No problem, just give me a second
Me, I’m Rack5, all reckless
Jakes tryna get me a whole next sentence
If I tense up, feel tension
I’ma clench up, rise up this weapon

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[Verse 6: Splasha]
J1 got got times two
[?] held two
They can never talk shit on my crew
They’ve already felt what us man can do
Put blood on my brand new shoes
Girls get gangbanged, make bands and shoot
Everything that I rap is true
So please take it in when I rap to you
I done cold nights in the trap
I been in the 10 with the wap
See gang on the strip and I scream blue-woo
Then I’m back on the move to the trap
For the stretchers twos no losses
Tell bro, “Keep an eye on the blind”
So he know who it is when the door starts knocking
Pop it

[Verse 7: MSkum]
When I buck these opps they’re offset
I really need to work on my cardi
Anywhere man’s popping smoke
Why’d you think that the gang ain’t welcome to parties?
Do him with the three-twos mash
Or do it like bro, how he splashed up Carni
You can get blammed in the colly
Or splashed with the mindi, but no, I ain’t Mali
Slap that ringer and drive
And skid on the opps, I’ll do it for the cause
I ain’t tryna get bagged like drawers
Free DoubleTap, he don’t care about law
I took a set back behind that door
That’s Wandsworth settings, blowing smoke on the fours
But not how bro rinse smoke with the fours

[Verse 8: TY]
Had these pussies nervous
Friday prayers, man coming through mosque
More time when that bridge gets crossed
If I found out man got ties with the opps
Red tape if I slap this dots
Like [?], don’t get caught in the locks
And don’t get caught in them shops
When I shop, when a new season gets dropped
On the wing, had to deal with my problems
Not an option to go run to the SO
So I stepped with a plug in a sock
And whack up the opps to refresh their memo
Lil’ bro just made corn let go
Now the petrol’s getting filled like Esso
It’s on sight when they buck my fellows
I bust that door and try ching up Fredo

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Fumez The Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – M’Skum, Rack5, Splasha (CGM), TY (CGM)
Produced by RicoRunDat