September 17, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[CGE] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – CGE

[Intro: TT]
Yeah you know who it is already
TT, Mobz, S13
Big up Pressplay, Fumez, Plugged In Freestyle
Ay free all the mandem as well
Bang your doors

[Verse 1: TT]
I just inhaled some gun-smoke
Get round there in my Umbro
Pass me the wap, are you done bro?
Free Big Screw, that’s my backbone, nigga got caught on his jack jones
Yeah he lived, and he lucky
But his friends, they got duppied
Get left in the mud like ****

[Verse 2: Mobz]
Don’t get ghost like he did
This beef is realer than rap, you know we can’t cap
We all got reasons
Fill this wap and fry man season
I just stepped out calm with Lz
Sent man’s pups then left man leaking
I just stepped out calm with Lz
Sent man’s pups then left man leaking

[Verse 3: S13]
Ay TT, how many times we rid?
The opps get spotted, we get strips popping
Don’t ask me ask Twin
Shit, how many opps got hit?
Suttin got bored when I stepped with Blacks
Window ching and aim for the ribs
Suttin got bored when I stepped with Blacks
Window ching and aim for the ribs
Can’t tell me bout taking trips really first time that you’ve taken risks
Judge gave Dino a ten for dose
But Asbo got a year for raping a kid
I scratch my head, are you taking the piss?
Death imminent when I’m raising a stick
Corner boy, pavement kid, you ain’t starred in the streets like my mates done did

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[Verse 4: TT]
Fuck it, tell F2 “bruck it”
Meech came tru’ 15 in the clip, fam I see it no fibs
When he didn’t die what a clip
See this hidden 9 that I grip
Got me hidden ties in your strip
Had one hidden 9 let it rip
(Had one hidden 9 let it rip)
Who’s on C on G on me?
The last time we lurked, I slapped myself 5 minus 3
To pass time we lurked, tried minus him he tried minus me
But I’m always in C tryna light House, make man drown like he’s lost in sea
Tryna make man drown like my name CB

[Verse 5: Mobz]
Ay gimme the 4s I’ll pattern the tour
Just fill up the 12′ rev it you see what I did now there’s blood on the floor
Twin got cheffed got sauced with relish
How many opps TT gave pellets
Numerous times we ride with seven
Doors get buss so I see man leg it
I just pray one of them get deaded
Constant cheffings I’m finna hit some paigons
I was in jail when Grinner got wasted, Twin got chinged no shaping
Fell in love with the trap gave wages
How many racks been spent still saving
If I got 6 TT got 2 in, don’t slipped cah you might get ruined
Them man spill when we run Newham

[Verse 6: S13]
Feds and the opps wanna take me out, take me out like Paddy
Bareback I’m swinging this rammy, tryna turn him to a strain of Cali
On tops had to dash the pack now I’m looking for white like the search for Maddie
We didn’t kill him his friend did it for us
Free pack like I robbed some Ammi
I’m tryna rid this batch if the grub don’t bang like Cilit, how you gonna progress?
I take him in if he’s spoke less, but he’s just shit like a dirty protest
Thought he’d pull through family hopeful, and now his family’s hopeless
He’s still missing if you didn’t notice, didn’t miss no visits but got ghosted

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[Verse 7: TT, Mobz & S13]
Sweet one, sweet sex appeal
He got dead his death was real
My nigga got a G on the M while you was on trial for sex appeal
Bro slapped him and made him kneel, Kermit dropped and I heard he squealed
He got drilled, then drilled, like why run from the stainless steel?

Fumez The Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – TT (CGE), Mobz (CGE), S13 (CGE)
Produced by R14 Beats, M1OnTheBeat, NatsGotTracks