Buddy Lyrics – Adam Sandler

Buddy Lyrics

Performed by adam sandler rob schneider david spade tim meadows tim herlihy and robert smigel

[moving train]
“next stop! coopersville!”

[two guys talking]
“hey buddy”
“how was the bathroom buddy pretty gruesome? “
“buddy I had to hold my breath buddy!”
“eheh buddy don’t even tell me about it buddy!”
“buddy I know.”
“buddy m&m’s? “
“chocolate me buddy!… tasty buddy!”
“buddy definitely”
“hey get in on this drink buddy!”
“buddy don’t mind if I do”
“it’s a bloody buddy”
“buddy it’s killer!”
“sorry buddy”
“save me some buddy!”
“buddy I said I was sorry!”
“that’s ok buddy”

[two more guys enter]
“hey dude!”
“hey buddy!”
“dudes you know this dude? “
“what’s up dude? “
“hey buddy”
“buddy sit down”
“have some bloody buddy”
“dudes here’s a sixer budweiser time”
“yeah bud buddy”
“yeah dude”
“cold ones dude”
“buddy killer!”
“i’m buzzing buddy!”
“dude I know!”
[female walking by]
“oh dude check it she’s killer!”
“i want some of that buddy”
“oh buddy save some for me”
“dude that’s my ex-girlfriend”
“oh sorry buddy”
“just watch it dude!”
“hey lay off him buddy”
“dude don’t get him started”
“i said I was sorry buddy”
“dude let’s just drop it”
“buddy? “
“it’s cool dude”

[two more guys enter]
“hey homey’s”
“what’s up homeys? “
“hey buddy”
“what’s up dude? “
“just chillin’ homey”
“cool buddy”
“yeah dude”
“dude check it out a prison”
“oh buddy imagine being stuck in there”
“i know dude that would suck”
“homey my brother is in there”
“oh buddy”
“sorry about that dude”
“bummer buddy”
“bad timing homey”
“i know buddy”
“sorry dude”
“not your fault homey”
“i know but buddy”
“no it’s cool homey”

“dude there’s another train on this track”
[sound of another train]
“uh buddy it’s coming at us”
[train horn sounding]

[trains crashing]
“dude? “
“buddy my head”
“homey get off me”
“buddy I can’t see”
“what just happened to us dude? “
“homey I told you we should have taken the bus!”

By – Adam Sandler

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