September 27, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Block 6] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – Block 6

[Intro: Young A6]
Shoutout Fumez
Plugged In
Block 6, d’you get it?
Free A
Free KP
Free all the mandem

[Verse 1: Young A6]
I can’t even talk on the drills we’ve done
‘Cah the drills we’ve done might get me nicked (Uh-huh)
I ain’t tryna buck into P.C. Smith
Big ying on my hip and he knows what it is (Shoo)
Last time that I cut from the CID on the strip
Next day, took trips with the stick (Uh-huh)
S1 tripped and he nearly got hit
Now broski’s pissed, get rid of that drip (Burn that)
Fuck it, we gotta get rid of them garms
Swingin’ my Anglo Arms (Shoo)
Free A6, yeah, he’s readin’ the Psalms
I can never die in the ends likе ****
New flavour, fling it in pot
Paigons run from the gang, get droppеd
Pyrex, water, it’s lookin’ like Voss
And I trap, make prof
In this ting, I’m a boss (Uh-huh)

[Verse 2: Lucii]
JJ got poked by me (By me)
*** got poked by me (By me)
*** got poked by me
And the agro Albo did high-knees (High-knees)
I don’t know about being a victim
I never lack, got my big ramz (Uh-huh)
But I refuse to grip on a kitchen
Ching him, I won’t get caught on a slip ting (Splash)
Dip my shank up in humans
Itch it deep and do the job right (Hmm)
I ain’t got time for a fight
Just back my blade for the cranberry Sprite (Gimme)
What you know about dippin’ your shank in shit
Tryna wet and infect young man?
What you know about sittin’ in back of the cab?
Got ten rambos in the bag (Uh-uh)

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[Verse 3: Tzgwala]
When their block gets spun
One gunshot from the Glock, get done (Bu-du)
You don’t wan’ fi get bun
Get lighted up like the party’s tun
How can you say it’s not beef?
When that’s your Gs, and my gang made you run
And Luc put two in your bredrin’s back (That’s two)
Are you fuckin’ dumb?
Rico must be smokin’ skud
He ain’t ever draw blood (No, he ain’t)
But I still had red in my eyes that day on your block with the six G1s
Caught one yute, gave him more than a beatin’
And left him bleedin’, the TSG come
YP soaked up a pikey cunt
And the gang said, “Nicely done”

[Verse 4: Young A6]
Violent goons, vigorous men
Step, tryna drench, put man on the bench
28-inch, don’t care if you’re hench
Man bore up your sibling, cousin and friend
Glide with the stick or the 9-mm
Tryna feed roadmen hot slugs I’m french
I was on the frontline, you was in bed
Them gems just snap and smoke on blem (Dickhead)
I fuck up the beat and I let waps beat
But the opps take pills ‘cah they’re way too stressed
Call me a surgeon, I open chests
When I unclip chefs, make a yute digest (Shoo)
There’s a blue story and it’s tragic
When I see Magic, I’ll do him like Vex, vexed
Head, neck, back or chest
When I swing this chets, my intent is death

[Verse 5: Lucii]
I done caught me a case OT
With three rambos and they still got dropped (Why?)
What you know about voodoo?
NFA next day, thank God (Mhm)
Fuck that, no, man know I thank Satan
True say it’s blatant, I do it a lot (Satan)
One-two offerings for my God, then rest of the day gets carried on (Oh yeah)
If I hop out the ride with two bankais
Bro, don’t run, don’t cut (Don’t cut)
These swords are twinnin’
I’ve got two yanks for both of your lungs (Splash)
Man do cowboy with that dudus (Bap)
Grip that firm, chest that at your drum (Bap)
Little man come blocka
Don’t be a flocka
Come Milford and you see redrum

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[Verse 6: Tzgwala]
Take a shot at the brown, no cat won’t frown
Buggin’ out like I just made a big man drown (Big man)
Other side of the bridge just clowns
Go ask **** how we ducked him down
Next day Sosa got ’round
With a getback ting and it’s clappin’ rounds
Had them man doing up burners
‘Cah they ain’t got no burners (They ain’t got none)
Probably ran to his mum like, “Mum, there’s a gun”
She’s probably like, “Not now, Bernard” (Not now, son)
Man do this for fun
Whole place get tun
We was young when we copped our burners (We were just kids)
One skid to the block, that’s purges
Or we might cut through the park, no Burgess (Not over there)
Two man on a one-twos swervin’
Do it on foot or a bruck-down Peugeot

Fumez the Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – Young A6, Tzgwala, Lucii (No Remorse)
Produced by Zero_OTB