BGMI 1.5 Update For Gamers- New Features, New Weapons, Royal Pass, New Ranking

Many New Features and elements will be added with new BGMI 1.5 update. The new release date is set to be 13 July 2021. And new features will be introduce on 14 July 2021.

Krafton has announced that Season 19 of Battlegrounds Mobile India will close in the early hours of July 14, and the ranking for Season 20 will start a couple of hours later.

The latest update released by the developer is around 422MB in size. However, it may slightly vary depending upon the device. Additionally, players need to download the in-game resource pack manually along with maps and other details. So, be sure you have enough storage on your device before downloading the new update.

New MG3 Weapon

The highlight introduction is a new weapon called MG3. As mentioned above, this new light machine gun replaces the M249 in the supply crates. The M249 is now available across all Classic maps as a field drop weapon. The MG3 uses a 7.62mm magazine and has fast and continuous firepower as the M249. However, the reload time is longer and it can take up to a 6x scope. It also does not support single-shot mode or any attachments.

New Ranking

Krafton has also updated the new Season ranking for BGMI. The developers have introduced a new ranking called Ace Master that sits between Ace and Conqueror. The season ranking and royal pass details have also changed this season.

Other Features

Throwing healing consumables to a particular spot nearby. It can therefore become easier for other team members to collect it at their spot.

There is also a new mode called Mission Ignition. This theme mode includes six regions of Erangel like the Transit Centre, Georgopol, Tech Centre, etc. It also includes the Riot Shield that does not let bullets penetrate.