Bad Bitch from Tokyo (Intro) Lyrics – Pop Smoke

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah (This is a Melo beat)
Yeah, yeah

Bad bitch from Tokyo (Oh), drip from Italy (Oh)
Smokin’ Runtz in Rome (Oh), got it for eight a piece (Oh-oh)
Christian Dior (Christian Dior), big twenty-twos (Oh)
Big thirty-eight (Oh), don’t tote no twenty-twos (Oh-oh)
Wait, I’m goin’ state to state (Look)
I looked my killer in his eyes, yeah, I’m talkin’ face-to-face
My nigga killer caught a body, took it to trial and beat the case
My nigga walked out of court, ha, then hopped in a Wraith

Hopped in a Wraith, yeah (Skrrt)

Writer – Jenius, WondaGurl, 808 Melo & Pop Smoke
Album – Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon (2020)
Produced by Jenius, WondaGurl & 808 Melo
Release – July 2020

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