Alex Chilton Lyrics – Pleased To Meet Me

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Alex Chilton Lyrics

if he was from venus, would he feed us with a spoon?
if he was from mars, wouldn’t that be cool?
standing right on campus, would he stamp us in a file?
hangin’ down in memphis all the while.(chorus:)children by the million sing for alex chilton when he comes ’round
they sing “i’m in love. what’s that song?
i’m in love with that song.”cerebral rape and pillage in a village of his choice.
invisible man who can sing in a visible voice.
feeling like a hundred bucks, exchanging good lucks face to face.
checkin’ his stash by the trash at st. mark’s place.(chorus)i never travel far, without a little big starrunnin’ ’round the house, mickey mouse and the tarot cards.
falling asleep with a flop pop video on.
if he was from venus, would he meet us on the moon?
if he died in memphis, then that’d be cool, babe.(chorus)

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