September 27, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[Akz] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – Akz (OFB)

OFB shit
Plugged in
Shoutout Fumez
Ayo TR, go brazy on these niggas man
Ya get me?
Lies down you know
Free my OFB’s
Gang shit

[Verse 1]
Might have to drill this bait on the mains, so I might have to burn this trackie
Man get smoked with their aki
With a dot on your head, no rasclaat paki (What the bludclaat?)
I stepped in the dance with my akhis
Got his Rambo so we might get splashy (Ching)
I don’t step with no half-heart yutes, I step with drillas so you know we get tappy
Lampz got bun in the mains, I was happy
Smiling under my bally (Screaming)
Give it to broski Bug, knows how to aim and bun man gladly
Had the smoke on my waist in the alley
She saying ‘Lie down’ and she calling me daddy (L’s down)
I said, “Bruck your back for clappy”
Got it locked up but he’ll soon with dappy
I just put some Lampz in my baggies
Seal that shit now I’m selling mans cali (Aye what you on)
Jojo got bun from the backseat
Coulda been him and Lampz in a cali (Mazza)
Don’t like no verbal, it mads me, splash man down for being too chatty
I done ducked man down on the mains, so I beg a man don’t try rasclaat at me (Highroad)
It’s a Friday night in the Nizz, got the Glock on me, and I got a little magis (Shit)
Got a drop on the L so I’m happy
Take one out, that’s one off the tally
Free Slim got him locked in jail, I was locked with him
We was tryna get crashy
Yo, Broadwater Farm too crashy, slide through the Nizz and we slide right back G
Nuff man just think it’s a joke, till a man get packed and left as ash G (Packed)
I had one nitty called Ashley, gave man drops so I gave him packs free (What you on?)
What you know about stain out the whip cause the dings ain’t got no tints in the backseat
Bucked LR, he turned athlete, running away start singing like Dappy (Runner)
Peppers and spices patty, heat man up in on the mains, too scatty
Jay got bored, that fatty
The man there really done fed him the rammy (Ay, eat that)
Anglo Arms man carry, my nan ‘ready knows what I’m on
I’m a bad breed
Spill some juice like cranberry, shoot up the scene like I’m Pressplay Danny
Foot on the gas like rally, [?] really done sits like a fanny (Skrrt)
Make it hit man’s chest like brandy
Spill some juice, leave him red like Manny
These sweets come fat, no candy
Fuck Snapchat, don’t save no chats G
When I glide, moretimes it’s backseat
007 and always get tappy (Twins)
Step, drill it
Big dotty in the ride goes ‘ribbit’
Have you jumping around, don’t fidget
No nursery ting, just sit and listen (Ay, sit)
Hold this bine, man’s hitting
Corn come fat when I hit from the Smithon
I ain’t talking ’bout corn from the kitchen
Man get smoked for the way that they’re spitting
I don’t like them yutes over there
Cah them yutes over there love sing like bitches (Sinners)
Can’t stand no funny little yutes
So I don’t really mind just burning that bridge quick
Some John Wick shit when I hit him
Hit man’s rass, get tick off the hitlist
Leave man to swim like fishes
Broadwater Farm, that’s uptown flicking
Waps, drills, different
Headie One ting cah ain’t it different?
Can’t flick like us, stop flicking
Have your fun now cah you’ll soon be digging
Bun on the mains, no kidding
Hold some bine, now he’s Madeleine missing
The dotts come fat like Griffin
Free all the opps that are locked in prison
I couldn’t give a fuck if you’re younger than me
I’ll still wet man up for the disses
I’m a little tapped yute, I’m wicked
OFB’k? Must be smoking a big spliff
I ain’t into this verbal ting
Could’ve said more names but I’m not really with it
L’s down, stop the beat, I’m finished
Soon link up, them boy just image

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Fumez The Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Produced by TR The Producer