A Walk Around Inside My Head Lyrics – 11:18

A Walk Around Inside My Head Lyrics

Take a day
and walk around inside my head
but you can stay
as long as you want
until you feel pressured to say
whichever this and that’s will fail without no play

If you want it
you can have it
pressures there
just go away
I really want you
but I can’t have you
straighten your life out
do what you wanna
just go away
just go away

Clock strikes 9
but upside down it’s 6
and I hate time
cause when it’s 6 it’s 9 and this wasted trip
down the way
all these months of silence silence
Can’t you stay?
because it’s never enough
it’s never enough today

Stare at the sun
blinding your eyes
feeling this feeling
this dying inside (4x)

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