The top ten collectible card games for iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices

The top ten collectible card games for iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices

1. Meteorfall

Publisher: Slothwerks                                      Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card/board game, RPG


I love the graphic style in Meteorfall – it’s got an adorable edge to it, instead of looking overly intense. Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike where you are able to choose one of four adventurers (gaining their starter deck) and start on your adventure. Throughout the game, you can unlock more cards, fight monsters, battle, and swipe to play or skip cards. Meteorfall is a fun looking game with lots of replay value!

Download Meteorfall

2. Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Publisher: Kongregate                                       Available on: iOS + Android


Stormbound does things slightly differently then other CCGs. When each player uses a card from their hand, it is deployed as a troop in between the player’s strongholds on the grid where gameplay begins. Creatures will be marching down the map, fighting each other, and eventually crashing into the enemy stronghold. It feels almost like a game of tug-of-war as you both place one card down, watch the spell, monster or structure appear, and then wait to attack their main stronghold.

Download Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

3. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Publisher: CD Projekt Red                                   Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card battler


GWENT: The Witcher Card game is a collectible card game based on the fantasy novel The Witcher. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you got a chance to play a mini-game called Gwent. Since players really like this mini-game, developers decided to create a whole game about Gwent.

The game has cool animated fights between the cards and this card game is easy to learn. However, here you have many tools for different tactics, which makes the gameplay more interesting. Collect cards, use the most effective strategy and defeat your enemies.

Download Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

4. Slay the Spire

Publisher: Humble Bundle                                      Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Card battler


Slay the Spire is a procedurally generated deck-building roguelike where, in each run, you are able to build up your base deck, upgrade cards and burn ones that aren’t useful. Over time, you can unlock different starting heroes that have slightly different hands.

Slay the Spire is a really fun game – with so many different enemies to attack and ways to keep your deck interesting, it’s well worth a look. We have created a list of the best characters in Slay the Spire, to make it easier for you, but not only that; we also have a Slay the Spire card tier list. Both will make your gameplay much easier.

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Download Slay the Spire

5. Shadowverse

Available on: iOS + Android + Mobile

Genre: Card battler


Shadowverse is a game that looks and acts similar to Hearthstone, however, in this game, it is much easier to unlock new cards instead of paying for new packs for your decks. There are still options to purchase cards, but you can unlock more without using your real-life money, and an ability to temporarily use cards using in-game currency.

Otherwise, Shadowverse is a deckbuilding game that uses a lot of skill and strategy in the way you play – so do expect to spend some time tinkering around with your decks in this one.

Download Shadowverse

6. Spellstone

Publisher: Kongregate                                            Available on: iOS

Genre: Card battler, Card/board game


Spellstone is the junk food of the CCG world. It’s ridiculously simple. You build a tiny deck from your collection and play games with a hand of just three cards. Each one you lay down joins a queue, and deals damage to the card opposite. If there’s no card opposite, it damages the player instead.

Individual games slip down too easily to be satisfying. But the package runs from card collection and quests to crafting and arena-style play against other people. As a whole, it’s amusing and addictive. Plus games are so quick you can maintain your habit for a minimal investment of time.

Download Spellstone

7. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment                                      Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card battler, RPG, Strategy


We can’t go far into the list without mentioning the elephant in the room. Developed by Blizzard, you’d expect Hearthstone to be a fantastic mix of strategy, excitement and addiction. It doesn’t disappoint.

It also runs on a generous IAP model, to the point where it’s regularly held up as the pinnacle of free to play “done right”. it’s entirely possible to enjoy the game and succeed at relatively high levels without paying a penny. You just need regular play to earn in-game gold to fund your habit. Most certainly, the most popular card collectible game on iOS.

Download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

8. Magic: The Gathering Arena

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card battler, Card/board game


The newest version of Magic the Gathering, on mobile – Magic: The Gathering Arena works exactly like the physical card game. Using your decks of cards, you can generate five different colors of mana – then use the mana to summon creatures, activate your special abilities and cast spells. This is how you battle other players – killing off their health before they take yours down. Considering the history of MTG, you have probably heard of this card collectible game before it even hit iOS. Read all about our MTG meta guide if you’re interested in this tabletop/digital CCG.

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Download Magic: The Gathering Arena

9. Pathfinder Adventures

Publisher: Asmodee Digital                                     Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card/board game


If you are looking for a more complex card game, Pathfinder Adventures is one to take a look at. This game is more than just card collecting and deck building – with dice-rolling and more mashed in. You will be going on adventures with characters in your party – finding items to help protect you and spells to take down enemies who might be in your path.

It’s a game where the tutorials will really help you along – and it does take more than strategy to do very well in this game – you will need a touch of luck.

Download Pathfinder Adventures

10. Marvel Snap

Publisher: Nuverse                                                     Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Card/board game, Strategy


Marvel Snap is a collectible card game in the Marvel universe. You can collect a card dream team using the franchise’s heroes, villains, secondary characters, and their abilities. Marvel Snap has both PvP and PvE modes. The matches are short – the approximate time of the battle is about three minutes. In the game, you can find 150 unique cards and 50 different locations. But in the future, as updates are released, the amount of content will increase. If you are looking for a collectible card game about heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, you should definitely check it out. And if you need any help picking the right cards, we made a Marvel Snap tier list that will be of assistance.

Download Marvel Snap

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