6 Five Heartbeats Lyrics – The Alchemist

[Intro: Vince Staples]
Lord clearing out like roaches when the light come on
That motherfucker walk out, don’t nobody know what happened
He still praying
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, ayy

[Verse: Vince Staples]
You had a blow-up, we had Beretta’s, ayy
Couldn’t buy no birds, we fly together, ayy
How is every single rapper been a dopeman
Really tryna kill cuh, lift it up with both hands
Is you pushing for real? Talking rock, Xans
I done slid enough to see a Glock jam
Couldn’t take the heat so you bought fan, yeah
Every stream freshwater, limousine tints sparkle
If I can’t see you, you got something to hide
Told me all I ever do is fuck you and lie
At least you happy though, bagged the yo
My momma helped my daddy bag the dope, that’s real love
I’m searching for some real love
Someone to set my heart free
Shot him on the eighth block, I hope nobody saw me
When there’s problems, call me, they know the way my heartbeat

I told you, you know how I am
You go and sort him out cause he wasn’t cool ’round here

Featuring – Vince Staples
Album – This Thing of Ours 2 (October 2021)
Produced by The Alchemist
Written by Vince Staples

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