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2nd Hand Smoke Lyrics

2 – 2nd hand smokefree your miiiiiiind…(madrox)
i represent the east side, no peace
fuck the police
we tell you to increase the deceased at least
a grown man telling you something that he believe
practice to deceive, no more tricks up my sleeve
what the fuck bitch, chuck bitch
why you talking shit?
better duck bitch
before your dome get hit
this shit is twiztid deeper than that old french braid
stickier than jam and jelly phased, kick it(monoxide)
everybody else real talking bout something
what you thought you heard bitch can it,
cause your fronting
dead wrong, dinner table conversations
leaving you pistol-whipped in the corner with abrasions
part of the contamination a mind state
sleep in a dream, hoping it’s gone when i awake
mama think i’m a flake; corn flake serial killa
fruit loop outta my mind like godzilla
we survive like catapillers in cocoons and caskets
stretch the industry like elastic
so fantastic, like the newport cigarette that i smoke
hit the motherfucka till i choke
i brag and i boast about nothing
death, dying, and hoes fucking
so understand that he’s saying something
never be heard i’m underground with the dirt and grime
smashing heads be my reason for rhyme
i’m on time like a motherfucka
leaving you hanging in the forest
standing in some comfortable shifts like chuck norris
check the chorus
second hand smoke when you breath
remember what i told you always believe
you relieve on the monoxide child and wild
travel the world on nine cloud screaming loud(chorus)
free your mind
breath it in second hand smoke
free your mind
breath it in second hand smoke(madrox)
you phony bitches wanna shut me down?
pulling plugs on the microphones
hating on the individual handle mr.bones
hope your speaker’s ain’t ohms or they dead blown
if they aren’t turn this motherfucka up and mash on
as we blast off bitch ass niggas at fast rates
growing at a fast pace made my heart race
lookin death in the face and i don’t even shudder
if my woman starts cheating, motherfuck her, bitch
i’m out for self
green weed, fame and wealth
so take your hopes and dreams
and put that shit back on the shelf
cause we rolling in a ride far from stolen
cigarette lighters, power windows, wood grain motion and
taking curbs with ease, blowing trees, looking chinese
hoping that the cops ain’t tailing me
trying to violate the glass house
nigga pass the blunt before you pass out
cause now it’s on, pushing hubcaps
patrolling the hood, so fuck that
heard the shit and the shit is all wack
planning the attack, cause we move when it’s dark at night
believe the rumors, cause they probably all right
outta sight like concealed weapons and drug trades
barricading the door for the raid
and in the shade is a sawed off double-barreled pump
looking for mothafuckas who wanna jump
cause i got 13 bullets in my pocket i’m a mad man
my trigger finger turning suckers to sand(chorus)
free your mind
breath it in second hand smoke
free your mind
breath it in second hand smoke(monoxide)
known to stroke from head trauma
you can’t even see the drama
i get the persona from marijuana
at night i lay stressed with no place to go
all by my lonely screaming out fuck that show
cigarettes, blunt smoke i love the smell
player hate me cause i smoke, burn in hell
this shit ain’t ain’t for everybody
i live to sever bodies so melancholy
suicide is just a folly and i’m out(chorus repeats till end)
free your mind
breath it in second hand smoke
free your mind
breath it in second hand smoke

lyrics:2nd hand smoke

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