20th Century Dreaming Lyrics – The First Day

20th Century Dreaming Lyrics

(a shaman’s song)cold morning
start of another day
sleeping through the epilogue
waking to the sound of rain
driven to the crossroads
where value’s meaningless
what did you do to my faith
in justice, hope and happinesssocial, economical, spiritual
i’m moving to the house of lovetake my fire
take my food and water
forget about those promises
of social good and social order
lassoed by the cowboys
tied down and it shows
well i’m roping in those bad dreams
and selling off my work clothessocial, economical, spiritual
i’m moving to the house of lovegonna take a course of action
to restore my sight
’til the heart of motivation
is filled with a golden light
they’re hiding in the treetops
tugging at my coat
but the power lines are falling down
and burning in the undergrowthsocial, economical, spiritual
i’m moving to the house of loveas the river runs
tumbles and turns
you know you shouldn’t stay
or play the game again
but it could be different this time
you may windreaming, dreaming
dreaming, dreaming lying downdreaming,dreaming
dreaming, dreaming lying downi’m moving to the house of lovehere comes the dreaming

lyrics:20th century dreaming
album:the first day
artist:david sylvian

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