2 Chains Lyrics – G Herbo

[Intro: G Herbo & Lil Juice]
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up
Yeah, yeah, okay, okay, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, okay
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

I got two rings on (Uh-huh), two chains on (Okay)
Three diamond bracelets, don’t get flamed on (Baw)
Cribs is outrageous, real different phases (Yeah)
Whips look like spaceships
Black like I’m racist (Can’t say that)
Rich, I got patience
Sprint, I didn’t chase it
Really havin’ cash but I act like I’m basic
Livin’ in my past, I might come off like I’m crazy (Craze)
And nothin’ ever lasts so I don’t let nothin’ phase me

Uh, bitch, I’m rich
Uh, bitch, I’m rich (What?), uh
Bitch, I’m rich (What?)
Rich as shit
Uh, bitch, I’m rich
Bitch, I’m rich (Bitch, I’m rich), uh
Bitch, I’m rich
I’m rich as shit

[Verse 1]
Got it out the mud, they ain’t give me shit, nigga
Fell out with my blood, but it happened out of love
Made a lot of shootings happen, I was ridin’ ’round with thugs (Grr)
Trap raided еvery week ’cause we was havin’ all thе drugs (Ayy)
Wait a minute (Wait), take a killer, put some paper in it
God gave a nigga a second chance, call it “Taylor Bennett”
Street nigga started makin’ bands, I ain’t take advance (Uh-uh)
Hatin’-ass, think he touchin’ Swerve, broke his hands
Told the jeweler “Take my mans, ice him out, make it dance”
180 in the Lamb’, fuck around, break the trance
New coupe, two-hundred grand, out the trenches
Understand who I am, bitch, the man
That’s what all the bitches sayin’
Who the flyest in the land
And who don’t like it (Yeah), shooter quiet
He’ll fire it, start a riot
If he fire it, niggas dyin’
We ain’t got a kill? Damn, beat you like a real man
Tryna tell him “Chill, damn”
Most these niggas real fans
I just did this rapper shit to show you how it feel, damn
Now I’m eatin’ steak and lobster, ‘member eatin’ real Spam
Nigga, I wasn’t lyin’, went from Spam to a fuckin’ Lamb’
Chases duckin’ 12, had to get up out the fuckin’ jam

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I got two rings on, two chains on
Three diamond bracelets, don’t get flamed on
Three cell phones (Three), pick up, jail calls
Still don’t get no sleep and I got three damn homes (Damn)

[Verse 2]
Three shooters so it ain’t no one to tell on (Brr)
Four stores, I been tryna get the smell gone (Woo)
Five plugs, I fell off, they who I fell on (Ayy)
Six cars ‘case I got to get the hell on (Swervo)
Made my first ticket, blew that right back on the block (On Foenem)
Long live Von, we was killers ‘fore we popped (You know that)
Max hit my line, I popped right out with that Glock (Hol’ on)
That’s how he end up dyin’, nigga ain’t know how to stop (Damn)
Big for real, we done hit up every opp block (They know, uh-huh)
Fuck the miscellaneous, we went for top slots (Get ’em)
Then I made a million, I’m like “I gotta chill now” (Gotta chill now)
Caught a nigga, killed him, then after that, got real (Fuck it)
Opps outside they building, okay, we ’bout to peel back (Brr)
Made my second million, okay, I quit for real now (For real now)
Then I bought some Ps, bought some hard, bought some lean (Damn)
Bought some bars, I ain’t buy no fuckin’ cars
I turned niggas into stars, did that free of fuckin’ charge (Free of charge)
We ain’t never witness shit ’cause you ain’t play your fuckin’ part
I was hoppin’ out in broad day, ain’t need no fuckin’ dark, lame ass nigga
“Herbo, who you been since you got rich?” Same-ass nigga
Rockin’ Plain Jane that’s ’cause I’m a plain-ass nigga
[?] gang, gang, put it to your brain-ass nigga
Stay away from Molly he a fire the flame-ass nigga
Stay away from [Drench ’em ?], he’ll snatch your chain-ass nigga (You know that)
[?] he like O-Dog, I’m a Cane-ass nigga
[?], he got aim like a gun range-ass nigga (Brr)
Better not say my name, I’ma bring the pain-ass nigga (Bring the pain)
You a clout chasin’, do it the for fame-ass nigga (Do it for the fame)
Stay up in a house, always on the game-ass nigga (Always on the game)
Ain’t gon’ never change, ayo, where my change at, nigga? (Where my change?)
Still will let it rain, tell us where they hang at, nigga? (Where they hang at?)
Bitch, they be salt ’cause a nigga rich (Really rich)
I’m in Hawaii like a nigga Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
Send hoes out like a nigga Hitch (Will Smith)
Her lil’ bro makin’ both ya hoes switch (Switch ’em up)
Pull up, jump shot like D Rose, swish (Swish)
[?] blowin’ candles out, snotty nose, make a wish
Tell me how I’m gettin’ exposed? Nigga, I’m rich as shit
On Foenem, G Herbo

Album – 25 By G Herbo (July 2021)
Produced by Tay Keith