September 17, 2021

Fumez The Engineer

[12Anti] Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics – 12Anti

Shout out Fumez the Engineer
The Antis are plugged in
Free the A’s
It ain’t that way, it’s A-way

[Verse 1: Box12]
If I hop out the 4×4 with Bugsy, watch everyone scatter
Your bro caught a case for the hammer
But it’s still own goal, we don’t speak on the matter
Man still united like Mata
Yo [?] got got, he tried retire like Kaká
Mitch didn’t star from my chef
That hacker be a wets man’s deep in the pasa
I still been takin’ a scurge and if I see the D’s man boogie
I’m an IC3, they don’t let man free
Cah they think I’m the man in the hoodie
Three times I been bagged for my jookie
NFA say I try push it in a pussy
I pay couple bills for the ding dong back
Then I went an’ took the risk on the pushy

[Verse 2: F Dot]
Don’t risk your life tryna chase some clout
They were cool back then and not now
You don’t wanna get chinged for running your mouth
I’m on job and my bros can vouch
How many’s been got? I don’t know I’ve lost count
Hold on, who’s that? Chinger out
Dismount this bike if it’s one of them clowns
Anytime, any day, I’m down
If a drop get given, I’m cutting that ribbon
I’m first on the scene, tryna claim that point
This whip ain’t skiddin’, we’re parkin’ it up
If they ain’t seen us, we ain’t screamin’ out, “Oi”
We’re gettin’ up close to the paigons
Know that the things we brandish are real not toys
Like David Moyes, they cannot manage
So they ran off they dion’t have much choice

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[Verse 3: Bankroll]
I’m a Bush Block t’ug, I beg a man be easy
You can get cheffed in your like [?]
Or up in your neck like uh
And I won’t be chased that’s neeky
I’m sure the opps know man’s way too greazy
Like word of advice don’t beef me
Likkleman you can end up on TV
On the opp block, course man’s crashin’ it
Skrr and skid in the like Hamilton
That girl got a back, I’m grabbin’ it
End of the night, niggas know smashin’ it
I’ll pull out and cum on her chest
There’s no way I’m gettin’ trapped by a sket
And I Anti bop on anyone’s block
You know we’re the diligent set
Swing my shank and I tear up flesh

[Verse 4: Box12]
Ayo broski, ayo, who’s that?
You see ‘im, ayy blud, stare back
I was standin’ on Uxbridge road
The same way Roddy was standin’ down Fairfax
What, who try declare that?
You see when I spit bro, bare facts
I shake that room, ayy little bro pop that smoke
Stand up and just air that

[Verse 5: F Dot]
Look, fill up the mash with lead
With a wap, I’ll aim for your head
Skum tripped up and try play dead
That didn’t stop man, he still got fed
I can’t lie, I can’t ride, no ped
So I’m on the back instead
With my shank all red, guess who just bled
This beef can never be dead

[Verse 6: Bankroll]
They wanna talk about golden boots
And not mention me then it must be bogus
Lat time that I purged on your block, who got shot?
It was one of your olders
Now that was assisted still, an assisted drill
My dargs from Golbourne
Skrr in the dingers, they’re stolen
With the dot-dot or the spins we’re rollin’

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Fumez the Engineer

Album – Plugged In: S1 (2020)
Featuring – Bankroll (12Anti), FDot (12Anti), Box12
Produced by Ls Beats (UK)