12 streamers you should follow if you want to stay up to date

12 streamers you should follow if you want to stay up to date

In his first years of life, Twitch became the platform par excellence for video game lovers, mostly competitive players or related to professional teams.

But although it is the best known, it is not the only one that has attracted streamers to its center of gravity, since some of the most famous have opted for YouTube Gaming another of the largest communities.

Now, since this explosion of streamersthe industry has been reconverted to cover topics that, at first, were far from its reach.

Examples of this are the Ibai Llanos macro-events, which have revolutionized the conception of Twitch, attracting new generations to the platform thanks to massive shows, such as the evening of the year either Disaster Chefs.

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To put some order to the great offer that currently exists, we tell you which are the streamers What should you follow if you want to be up to date?.

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Ibai Plains

Ibai is the absolute winner of the formats on Twitch. He is part of the Kings League, annually organizes the megalomaniac show La Velada del Año and has an impeccable professional career to his credit.

Today, its community extends from Spain to Latin America, and has a whopping number of 34,670 subscribers –latest data from May 2023, according to the TwitchTracker platform–.

In addition, he is the president of Porcinos FC and the creator of KOI, his esports team that competes in different video games such as Valorant either League of Legendsthe latter with which he reached one of his greatest peaks of fame as a caster.



If something characterizes IlloJuan, it is its closeness to the community. In a relaxed way, he is able to bring together tens of thousands of people who watch how he plays old video games, with a touch of nostalgia.

Although most of the community knew him for his roleplay in series related to Grand Theft Auto, has managed to surpass Ibai in subscribers, with 38,366 to the date of this article.

If you like to have a good time, IlloJuan usually reacts to Reddit threads, he also participates in culinary competitions such as Disaster Chefs and has to his credit very long live shows of hours and hours with millions of visits.

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Twitter @DjMaRiiO

DjMaRiiO is one of the few streamers on the list that has relied on YouTube, with success in terms of numbers, since it has 8.78 million subscribers on the platform owned by Google.

He is one of the creators par excellence of everything related to FIFA and, of course, also president of Ultimate Mostoles –one of the most exemplary–, one of the most beloved teams in the Kings League.



He is the king of countdowns and has become one of the most beloved streamers in the streaming community. Fortnitea battle royale which even has a skin from TheGrefg.

With 3,927 subscribers on Twitchofficially sponsors Red Bull – which created a spectacular room-spanning setup for him –, chairs the Team Heretics esports team, and is also president of Saiyans, which competes in the Kings League.



Although he already has a long career, he is one of the best-known faces in the Kings League, in which he chairs his own club, Rayo de Barcelona.

Currently, he is a regular with the Chup Chup Kings and has approximately 1,000 subscribers on the purple platform.


Juan S Guarnizo

He was the first Latino to reach 10,000 subscriptions on Twitch –without taking Brazil into account– and, currently, he has approximately 8,000 subscriptions.

Although he became known to the public as a whole mainly for his participation in series such as TortillaLand either Marbella Viceis one of the most followed Spanish-speaking streamers to date.


Twitter @SpreenDMC

He was without a doubt one of the revelation streamers of 2022, at least on Twitch, since since he was 12 years old he published gameplays of his video games par excellence on YouTube, the Minecraftespecially exposing hackers.

To date, it has a community of more than 9,000 subscriberswith spectacular growth since last year.

The Xokas

The Xokas

Despite all the controversies he’s been through, he’s still in the top 10 most watched streamers in Spanish on Twitch, with almost 12,000 subscribers.

It is common in kitchens Disaster Chefs and its content ranges from video games to live reactions.


rivers samy rivera
Twitter @samyriveratv

“Pure fucking pío” is probably the most heard phrase in the Kings League, a competition in which the streamer Rivers is, precisely, the president of Pío FC, which brings together numerous followers week after week.

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The Mexican streamer, at first, opted for Facebook, but in November 2021 she moved to Twitch, a platform on which she has achieved very good results, with more than 7,000 subscribers.

The Mariana

The Mariana
Twitter @elmarianaa

He was also one of the great revelations of the year 2021 and was nominated for the “Breakthrough Streamer 2021” category at the 2022 ESLAND Awards, organized by TheGrefg.

As a curiosity, his fame came thanks to some viral videos on TikTok of the video game Call of Duty: Warzone. As of today, it has almost 18,000 subscribers and an average of 40,000 viewers in his live shows, thanks to his great handling of humor.


KNekro and Ibai Llanos
Twitter @KNekro

At 39 years old, he is one of the oldest streamers in the gaming community, making himself known for having the first gameplays in Spanish of the renowned League of Legendson his YouTube channel.

Despite this, it covers much more content and is part of KOI, of which he is usually a caster along with Ibai and the rest of the team. Thanks to his long career, he counts in his Twitch community with more than 7,000 subscribers and has earned the affectionate nickname “father”.

gerard romero

Gerard Romero Jijantes FC
Twitter @gerardromero

Football content on Twitch continues to grow non-stop and one of the “culprits” is Gerard Romero, journalist, commentator, founder of Jijantes FC – one of the most beloved in the Kings League – and renowned culé.

If you haven’t heard of him, you will surely know him from the famous haka he did together with Luis Suárez, a former FC Barcelona soccer player, who turned the video of this celebration into an anthem that has jumped off Twitch.

On the purple platform, has managed to accumulate more than 12,000 subscriptions in record time. A clear example that on Twitch everyone has a place.


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